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she moves in her own way

a cheery mix i made for a friend. =)
22 songs in a zip, including camera obscura, take that, paolo nutini, alphabeat, belle & sebastian, the kooks, and others!

a mix made for my friend whocares19_05  who's been having a bit of a rough time lately. she asked for a cheery, dance-y mix, and i hope this is what she was looking for! 22 songs in a ZIP file, including, take that, camera obscura, the fratellis, cobra starship, and many others! hopefully, it'll put people in a good mood!

just a note: the pigeon detectives song is actually a kareoke version, because they don't have the original available in the US. if anyone has the original, i'd be super grateful for it! like, SUPER GRATEFUL.

i. french obscura
ii. shine...take that
iii. don't tell me to do the math(s)...los campesinos!
iv. dog days are over...florence + the machine
v. chelsea dagger...the fratellis
vi. she moves in her own way...the kooks
vii. the boys are too refined...the hush sound
viii. halo/walking on sunshine...glee cast
ix. new shoes...paolo nutini
x. 10,000 nights...alphabeat
xi. gimme sympathy...metric
xii. la catherine...les cowboys fringants
xiii. hot mess...cobra starship
xiv. kill the director (CSS remix)...the wombats
xv. catch my disease...ben lee
xvi. we are golden...mika
xvii. like you do...angel taylor
xviii. take her back...pigeon detectives
xix. bluebirds...adam green
xx. same jeans...the view
xxi. step into my office, baby...belle & sebastian
xxii. oh! hark!...lisa mitchell


Tags: adam green, alphabeat, belle & sebastian, ben lee, camera obscura, cheery, cobra starship, florence + the machine, glee, les cowboys fringants, lisa mitchell, los campesinos!, metric, mika, mix, music, paolo nutini, pigeon detectives, take that, the fratellis, the hush sound, the kooks, the view, the wombats
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