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july, july!--a mix for summer

 Just a short mix of some songs that make me think of summer, and sunshine!  Some are slower, and some are more upbeat.  This is great for summer road trips, so set up your ipod, and hit the open road!

i. blackberry stone...laura marling
(...well i wrote this sky, and i own this field, and i have no reason to reason with you...)

ii. black hole...she & him
(...i'm stuck here getting misty over you, i'm alone on a bicycle for two...)

iii. shore to shore...johnny flynn
('s awfully considerate of you to think of me, and it's not so hard to see you smoking fags and drinking tea, it's the crummy lost at seasick with a floating on the waves, to join the other flotasm with the ripped up queens and knaves, queens and knaves, queens and knaves...)

iv. short country song...emmy the great
(...oh, well, my darling, push the boat it, it's only how the light is playing tricks, come and let me try to make it fixed...)

v. abacus...fionn regan
(...drinking alphabetically, cos the beauty's gone all sore, honey dripping, pale of skin, but there's bodies underneath the floor, so count it on your fingers, if we got it wrong, it's cos the days have no numbers...)

vi. cosmia...joanna newsom
(...water were your limbs, and the fire was your hair, and then the moonlight caught your eye, and you rose through the air, well, if you've seen the true light, then this is my prayer, will you call me when you get there...)

vii. the cave...mumford & sons
(...and i will hold on hope, and i won't let you choke on the noose around your neck, and i'll find strength in pain, and i will change my ways, i'll know my name as it's called again...)

viii. (my girl's got) miraculous technique...belle & sebastian
(...oh no, the snow's stopped snowing, maybe we'll get some bowling and drinking in, and staring at the sky, pretend that you despise it, why does your lazy eye rest on his skin, his arm and his wallet too, take a look around you, the spring has sent the sound of rain upon your windowsill, so grab your coat, and play a song for me...)

ix. 5 years time...noah and the whale
(...oh, in five years time, we could be walking around a zoo, with the sun shining down over me and you, and there'll be love in the bodies of the elephants too, and i'll put my hands over your eyes, but you'll peek through,  and there'll be sun sun sun all over our bodies, and sun sun sun all down our necks, and sun sun sun all over our faces, and sun sun sun, so what the heck...)

x. hail to whatever you found in the sunlight that surrounds you...rilo kiley
(...hail to whatever you've found in the sunlight that surrounds you, pretend all the good things are for you, pretend all the good things are for me, too, and the weather changes not halfway between your house and mine...)

xi. apples and pairs...slow club
(...nervous walks in a park, i never knew it could get so dark, i'm running out of things to say, would you please start talking, about yourself or your family, any friends, i've got one two three, but they're all imaginary, come and stroke the air...)

xii. france
(...i was born to lie here patiently, be dragged on by the black star, and you were told to glow majestically, and love until your hands bleed, you stole your mother's whitest gown, swallowed like a sunbeam, and i stole your father's crusted crown, it shook us like a bad dream...)

xiii. maple leaves...jens lekman
(...oh, please god, bring relief, even if it's only brief, she says the dreamers just make believe, but i thought she said maple leaves...)

xiv. go walking...joker's daughter
(...i stumbled on the ruins secluded well, as i went walking, and i rambled where the romans once did tread, as i went walking, condemned to silence by a cursed spell, the air was filled with spirits of the dead, and castles haunted for a thousand years, as i went walking..

xv. get lost...patrick wolf
(...let's just bend the invitations, leave our bikes down at the station, lose all sense of direction, i'm going to get lost with you...

xvi. july, july!...the decemberists
(...and we'll remember this when we are old and ancient, though the specifics might be vague, and i'll say your camisole was a sprightly light magenta when in fact it was a nappy bluish grey, and the water rolls down the drain, the blood rolls down the drain, oh what a lonely thing, in blood red drain, july, july, july, it never seemed so strange...)

images from if they're yours, please let me know, so i can credit you!
please please comment if you're taking the mix! comments make me so happy!
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enjoy the mix!

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